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Overview: A proportion is two fractions that equal the same thing. You will be learning how to tell whether or not two fractions are a proportionate or not. You will also learn how to reduce fractions.

This is a proportion


Step 1: Write the equation. 


Step 2: Simplify each fraction, you do this by dividing the numerator and denominator by this same number until it can't go any farther without turning it into a fraction( by the way you don't have to divide by  the same number every time). In this case you can not reduce 1/2 because you can't divide 1 or 2 by anything and get a whole number but you can reduce 2/4 by dividing by 2 to make 1/2.       

Step 3: If the fraction is the same it is a proportion.


These fractions are the same so they are a proportion.