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Overview:In this lesson you will learn how to how to solve inequalities. The definition for finding inequalities is a number that when exchanged out for the variable( x), makes the inequalities true. We will learn how to solve  by adding, dividing, multiplying and subtraction.
Example: This is a inequality x +10>15. In order to solve it you must sub out the x and put a number. Now, think what plus 10 is greater then15. the answer should be six because 10 plus 6 is 16 which is higher than 15.
Step 1: look over the problem a couple of times
Step2: figure out what numbers will fit in the variable and so you can figure out the range.
Step 3: Take out the x or the variable and insert a number that is greater than 15 when added to 10 (in this case).
Step 4: You can use this for anything in inequalities  also istead of inserting 6 you could do six to any number higher.

                                                                     Below is an example of how you would show and write an inequality.