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                                           Quadratic Formula

    Overview: In this lesson you will learn what the Quadratic Formula is and how to solve a problem with it. You will also learn what the discriminant is and how to solve a problem using it.

Ex. 3x+ 2x- 4= o                                                                           

STEP1: You use the Formula below and you put in the numbers were they are supposed to. Like for these problem you would take 2 since it is B in the first equation and put it were ever it says B in the Formula.

STEP2:  After you are done put the numbers in for A, B,and C you should come up with X= -2 + over - times the square root of 4-4(3)(-4)/2(3). You then simplify the equation by solving the equation under the square root sign and multiply the numbers under the division sign.

STEP3: After this you should get X= -2 + or - times the square root of 52 divided by 6. You then find the square root of 52.

STEP4: You should get that the square root of 52 is 7.21. Your equation should be X= -2 + or- 7.21 divided by 6. Since you can not simplify this any more have then have to turn it into 2 separate equations. You do this by taking the + or- and separating it.

STEP5: Your two equations should be X= -2+7.21 divided by 6 and -2-7.21divided by. You then simplify like this.

Step6: X= 0.87 and X= -1.54 is your answer.