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Brief Overview: In this lesson, you will learn and review the basics of graphing.

Some quick info:

  • Independent Variable (IV): is what you change
  • Dependent Variable (DV) : is what you measure
  • Constant Variable (CV) : what you keep the same so results are accurate
  1. Determine the IV. 
  2. Determine the DV.
  3. Determine the CV's.
  4. Choose your type of graph and create your graph.
Now practice the first three steps with the Example Below.
Two sixth grade students wanted to know the effect of shoe brand on how fast they could run. They took 2 brands of track shoes (Nike and Adidas) and measured 50-yard dash times in each brand of shoe. They thought that the Nike shoes would be faster. They compared the dash times to see which shoe resulted in the lowest sprint times.

Which Set of Variables is the Correct answer?
Click the correct chart.

How to Find Variables

To find the IV, you think about the things that you change in your experiment to compare.

To find the DV, you think about the things that you measure for the results in your experiment to

To find the CV's you think about the things that you keep the same for accurate results.