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  Area & Perimeter

Overview: This part of the website will help you with area and perimeter.
-To find area you take one of  the measurements and multiply it by another measurement. After you multiply them together you get the area.
-To find the perimeter you take both measurments and add them to the same measurment. At the end  you add both of the sums, add them together, and that's how you find perimeter.

The length of two sides of the rectangle are 7" and 4". What is the perimeter?
14+8= 22in

Like the example above 4in. and 7in. are the means. What is the area? A=28in
4x7= 28in 
This is a example of perimeter, but this is the basic perimeter. When you try to find out this sum you take 4x4=16 in, 16 in is your answer. Area: is the number of square units
When you solve area you take base x height. In this picture you would turn the shape my right, and then you would solve it.Perimeter: the distance around the shape or figure