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                 Rotation, Reflection, and Translation

Overview: When they give a problem like this they will give you a graph and they will plot the shape. You'll need to see if its rotated, reflected, and translated, you need to make make sure you take your time.


  • Reflection:  is a flip
    Rotation:a turn until a fixed point
    Translation: a move to one location to another

Helpful Hints:

 -Rotation is shape that can be moved till a fixed point.
-Reflection is like looking into a mirror, because it's all backwards
-Translation is when the shape can be moved up, down, and side - to - side.
-When you start one of these problems you to see what you are doing and what you are working with.
-You need to see were the shape was and were it is now,  then need to classify what type of move it is. (rotation, reflection, and translation)


1. Take a minute and look at the problem.
2. What shape is it?
3. You need to look for the shape and it will be in a different place or position
4.Then you need to ask your self is it rotation, reflection, ot translation.
This is a wide variety of shapes that can show rotation, reflection, and tranlation. Circles and oval are very uncommon when do this lesson. All the other shapes are mostly the ones used, so circles and ovals are a no - go!