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                                         Forces, Motion and Energy

   Overview-  In this lesson you will learn about Forces Motion and Energy. In life this will help You know about friction and magnotism.
Force is a push or pull on an object.
Motion is a change in position of an object in a certain amount of time.
Energy is the ability to to do work, the ability to change the properties of a material, or simply the ability to do something.

  Can change a moving object's direction. This is due to pressure, like air pressure and water pressure. Force can even produce work, which in science occurs when force is applied to an object and the object moves a distance.
  Is the force of attraction between objects that have mass, and, since all objects have mass, gravity is everywhere. The strength of gravity depends on two things: the mass of the objects and the distance between them. The larger the mass,the stronger the gravity- like the sun's gravitational pull on the earth and all other planets.
 Energy is a property of matter (anything that has mass and volume) and all matter has it. energy is the ability do work, the ability to change the properties of a material, or simply the ability to do '' Something ''. Energy is associated with heat, light, electricity, mechanical motion, and sound. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it is transferred from one object or system to another in different forms.

    Forms of Energy-
  •  Wave Energy
  •  Thermal Energy
  •  Chemical Energy
  •  Sound Energy
  •  Mechanical Motion
  •  Elastic Energy
  •  Electrical Energy
  •  Seismic Energy

Electrical- is the scientific form of electricity.

Thermal-is generally used to be a term in physics, and refers to the energy created when kinetic and potential energy is combined.

Mechanical- the energy acquired by the object upon which work is done.

Chemical- is a form of potential energy related to the structural arrangement of atoms or molecules.

Sound- The difference between the total energy and the energy which would exist if no sound waves were present.

Kinetic-The kinetic energy of objects with mass is dependent upon the mass of the object, while the energy of waves depends on their  frequency, and amplitude, as well as the density of the medium if there is one.

Elastic-is the potential mechanical energy stored in a material or physical system as work is performed to distort its volume or shape

Light-Light energy is the energy is given off directly from the sun giving the growth of plants and the existence of most life forms.