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There is three different types of phrases. Those three kinds of Phrases are Appositives, Prepositional, and Verbal.


An example of an Appositive phrase: Michael Phelps,the greatest swimmer in history, won 8 gold medals in Beijing.
1) Read through the sentence twice.
2) The Appositive phrase in this sentence is the greatest swimmer in history.
3)The group of words that rename the nouns function as noun equivalents.
4) The appositive phrase renames the noun, which is Michael.

An example of an Prepositional phrase: Michael swam through the water faster than his opponent.
1)Read through the sentence twice.
2) Look and see if the phrase starts with preposition.3) You can identify this phrase by locating the preposition within the phrase.

4)The Prepositional phrase is through the water.


Verbal phrases: Infinitive, Gerund,and Participle
1) The
participle phrase can be identified by looking to see if it a present or past participle.
2) Present and Past participles always form as adjectives.
1) The Gerund phrase can be identified by looking to see of its a present participle.
2) Usually, gerund phrases function as nouns.
1) The infinitive functions as a noun, adjective,and adverbs.