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Problem Solving

Overview: In this lesson you will be learning how to solve simple problems. These problems might help in real life occasions. We will show many examples.

    Julie has $30. She ate dinner and had a sandwich for $10, a drink for $2, and a dessert for $5. Shes going to tip the waiter 15%  and the tax is 10%. Does Julie have enough money for her meal? If not, how much more money does she need?  If so, how much money does she have left over?

Steps to figure out the problem
1. What is the request made by the problem?
  To figure out what she had for dinner.
2. What do we know?
  We know;
   Sandwich is $10, a drink is $2, and the dessert is $5.
3. Solving the Problem
    After you add all of it together after that it shows you how to get the tip.
Add the tip to the amount of the bill. Then get the tax it shows you how to get that as well.
finally you add it all together and you will get the final amount. Then subtract what you have in your pocket, then subtract from how much it is.

    Julie would have $8.49 left over. All you do is take how much your meal was($17.00), add the tax($1.70), and the tip($2.81). Then you add all of it together. Finally you take $30.00 and subtract $21.50. Then you will get your final amount Julie has $8.49 left over.