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Overview: In this lesson you will learn how to turn a fraction into a decimal/percent. You will also learn how to state your answer for the probability problem

Percent Answer Options
50%=equal, 75%=likely, 30%=not likely, 100%=definite, 0%=impossible 

Steps and example problem.
Step One: Write out the problem by listing the numbers in order from LEAST TO GREATEST (dark blue)

Step Two: Find the number of items altogether (Red)

Step Three: Write the number of one item over the total number of items (as a fraction) (Green)

Step Four: Divide the fraction to get to your percent

Annamarie has 2 blue marbles, 5 red marbles, and 3 yellow marbles placed in a bag. What is the probability that she will draw a blue marble out of the bag?

First, line up all of your numbers in the problem from least to greatest: (2,3,5)

Next, find the total number of all the items together: (2+3+5=10)

Then, write what you are trying to find the probability of as a fraction

Finally, you divide the fraction to get your percent: You will divide 2 by 10 to get your percent

Objective: You are trying to find the probability or chance of a blue marble being drawn out of the bag instead of a red or yellow. They're 2 blue marbles and 10 marbles total that the fraction will be 2/10
The percent is 20%. If you look back up at the chart you can see that 20% is closest to 30% which means that:
It is NOT likely that Annamarie will draw a blue marble out of the bag.
To find a percent you need to divide the fraction. You will divide 2 by 10. You may add a decimal point and then a zero to solve the problem, (shown above)